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15 portions
€37.50 €2.50/serving
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Безплатна тениска

и шейкър

Complete Meal

€37.50 | 1,500 g | Vegan

Oh!Good Complete Meal is a nutritious protein shake that will replenish your body with all the nutrients you need from one meal.
It's ready in less than a minute and contains a complete balance of plant-based proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, fibre, 27 vitamins and minerals and an added Bulgarian probiotic.

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Flavors 1,500 g | 15 servings
Banana top taste
Salted Caramel most popular

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Free shipping on orders over 60€
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The new way of eating

In our busy daily life, we often skip meals or resort to unhealthy foods. Oh!Good Complete Meal is a nutritional protein shake that fits perfectly into your daily routine - at the office, on the road, at the gym, in the mountains, at home.

How is it prepared? Pour 500 ml of water into the shaker, add 1 dose of Complete Meal, shake for 20 seconds - done! You can drink it anywhere, anytime, when you're hungry or need energy.

What do you get? One shake contains 422 calories and provides all the nutrients you need in one nutrition.

Balance your daily life and replace breakfast or lunch with a nutritious, healthy and delicious shake!

Balanced formula with a saturating effect

1 shake = 422 calories = Complete balance of all important nutrients for the body from one meal for energy throughout the day

40g protein and added amino acids (BCAAs)

A mix of three vegetable protein sources: pea, rice and hemp for a complete amino acid profile

27 vitamins and minerals and a Bulgarian probiotic

Multivitamin complex for a strong immune system and full absorption of useful substances

What does a shake contain?

100% vegetable ingredients

40 g of vegetable proteins and BCAAs amino acids

Complex carbohydrates for longer lasting energy

MCTs from coconut oil

27 vitamins and minerals

Bulgarian probiotic

Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids

Husk fiber



Gluten and soy free

No palm oil

We know it's important for you to understand

How to prepare Oh!Good Complete meal?
Who is it suitable for and when can it be consumed?
Where can it be consumed?
What should the consistency be?
Is it tasty?
Does it saturate?
Does it cause swelling and a feeling of heaviness?
I want to subscribe, but I'm having a hard time estimating how long one envelope will last me?

Why you'll feel Oh!Good

Healthy and wholesome

A complete balance of vegetable proteins, carbohydrates, useful fats, fibers, 27 vitamins and minerals and added Bulgarian probiotic.

Fast and practical

Easy and quick to prepare, without complicated recipes. Convenient to consume anytime, anywhere.


Complete nutrition in busy everyday life at a reasonable price. Fast home delivery and discount subscription option.

100% Vegan

Quality ingredients and a naturally long shelf life. Less food waste and a more sustainable lifestyle.

A balanced diet

In a busy everyday life, it is difficult to eat a balanced diet or follow a diet. As a result, we often resort to 'cheat' foods, after which we feel bloated and count calories.

Oh!Good Complete meal is a complete meal alternative, suitable for any diet - when losing weight , gaining muscle mass, maintaining weight or if you just want to eat healthy.

All necessary nutrients

One Oh!Good Complete meal shake contains a balanced ratio of macronutrients 32:19:40:7 (carbohydrates, fats, protein, fiber) and 27 vitamins and minerals.

It is made with plant-based ingredients : three types of protein, gluten-free oats, flaxseed, MCTs from coconut oil, coconut milk, husk fiber and turmeric. As a result, one shake contains a large amount of protein with a complete amino acid profile, enough healthy fats with Omega 3 and 6, carbohydrates for energy, low sugar, a lot of fiber and a probiotic for full absorption.

Complete fuel for the body

Unhealthy and irregular eating leads to sudden changes in blood sugar, which in turn leads to sudden hunger and a drop in energy. This usually happens at noon, when the body has already run out of 'fuel', especially if you skipped breakfast.

It is important to eat a variety of foods to get the necessary nutrients from various sources.
With Oh!Good Complete Meal, it is now easy to diversify your daily menu and fill up with energy.

Miroslava Georgieva

Healthy and smart food! Delicious and healthy alternative for breakfast or quick lunch. One shake keeps me full and energized for 3-4 hours. It's very easy to track my calories and get all essential nutrients.

Александър Владов

Really quick delivery! I ordered the Vanilla Complete Meal. It is tasty and does the job perfectly. I wasn't hungry for hours. When drink it you can feel the fibers in it. I definitely would order again!

Стелла Цокева

When you have a busy lifestyle it's hard to maintain a good regular eating routine, especially if you want to eat healthy. Which is why Oh!Good's complete meal will be a great way to improve your eating habits. What surprised me though is that even though it's vegan, it's still tasty and sweet!

Boris Shopov

What I like in the meal replacement the most is the taste. It doesn't seem artificial and gives a fresh aftertaste (at least the banana one). I use it between meals and it keeps me fed. The packaging also leaves a good impression, there's a scoop in the package (which isn't always there in other products) and they gave me a free shaker.

Rositsa Mareshka

I recently tried the complete meal product and was thoroughly impressed. The meal was filling, satisfying and packed with nutrients, making it a great choice for those who are looking for a healthy and convenient option.It was quick and easy to prepare, making it perfect for busy days when I don't have much time to cook. The packaging was also very user-friendly, with clear instructions and a list of ingredients. Overall, it is a must try whether you're a seasoned vegan or just looking to add more plant-based options to your diet.

Савел Генов

I drink it every morning instead of breakfast, and it's more delicious than everything I tried before. It took me just 1 minute to blend it, and it's done. That easy.

The new way of eating

Oh!Good is the new way of eating, suitable for every lifestyle. Complete, delicious and completely vegan protein products, convenient to consume anytime, anywhere.

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